Frequently Asked Questions

There is no time limit. All depends on your endurance and the dynamics of the group. Our Idea is to celebrate the night and “crawl” to the dancefloor.

We love the night in our central station area, also because people are always in the neighborhood, despite the rain. So why should the rain stop us?!
Remember: We only live once!
(Small hint: An umbrella could make life easier though)

Good Vibes, some cash and more people willing to discover our finest central station neighborhood!

Your benefit would consist of free shots, great deals on drinks and food, free entrance and a guide you can just follow without thinking about where to go next and where you can be sure to get to a unique place.

The domiciliary right of the particular locations are applied. If a Gude Pub Crawl member is not allowed to enter for any reason against this domiciliary right, we will not be able to change it. In case this happen we can’t give you the money back. (But normally they know that we love to celebrate and that all of us only want to have a good time 😉 )